Monday, 23 May 2011

...and then there was one

there is a surviving male who is very feisty and very fast, so maybe he'll make it. Lets see what tomorrow brings. Am also collecting some special oinkment from a friend to see if that helps clear up the eye infection, the eye may not have disappeared, I just may have been too distressed and inexperienced to know what I am doing, will update tomorrow


michelle said...

you are very brave to have taken on pigs heart has gone out to you over the last few days.I hope the last of the litter gets through it x

Rick and Sarah said...

thanks Michelle, not sure bravery comes into it, husband convinced me that we should get them because we are there everyday and he loves pork!!!! it was the same with the chickens..i want livestock when we are living there, it's easier to manage and house them and let them be free-range during the day, however, as you know we are on our third batch of chickens, they stay in nearly all the time (portuguese style) and I will not have pigs again for a long time, there's something about them that attaches you to them? i doubt the last one will still be there wonder farmers kill themselves and this is small scale

Jules and Mick said...

We agree with Michelle, have been talking about this and thinking of you loads over the past days and not knowing whether to phone you or not in case we upset you even more honey. So sad to hear that there is only one, but maybe is the big brave, fast and feisty one as you say. Will be keeping an eye out for more news... Hopefully good tomorrow XX